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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up online?

It is very helpful to sign up online for all programs to manage class capacity and to save time at the studio. It is not required to sign up in advance for mat yoga classes. Aerial yoga classes require advance payment and registration due to class size limitations. If you are having any trouble signing up online, we can help you over the phone to complete your reservation. (219) 477-0012

​Do I have to pay in advance?

Mat yoga programs do not require advance payment or registration, but aerial yoga programs have limited class size and require advance registration and payment. This prevents you from coming to a class to find there is not a spot for you!

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an aerial class, we require 12 hours notice. If you request a late cancellation, the pass will be deducted from your account. If you need to cancel any mat yoga program, there is no cancellation window and no cancellation penalty.

Can I come in to register or check out the studio?

We don't have regular business hours at this time, so to check out the facility or register in person, plan to stop by  approximately 30 minutes before or after regular class times. See the "Schedule" tab for the most current schedule of classes.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

We have mats, and all the props you will need to use, here at the studio. You are welcome to bring your own mat and props if you prefer. It will be helpful to bring a water bottle and small towel if you would like.

What do I wear to yoga? Aerial yoga?

There are many different preferences for attire. Most of our programs are practiced with bare feet. For yoga it is helpful to wear fitted shirts, or shirts that can be tucked in, and comfortable stretch knit bottoms. For aerial yoga, tight fitting clothing is best like leggings or workout tights and tight fitting shirts. For aerial programs it is best that full length or cropped bottoms are worn that cover the backs of the knees to protect from fabric burns. Plan on removing any dangling jewelry, or sharp items for aerial programs.

Can a beginner attend aerial yoga?

YES! Our small class size allows many levels to practice together for aerial yoga. The more movement experience you have, the easier some of the moves will seem to you. If you are more sedentary it may be a more challenging class, but many different options will be provided to allow each participant to work at their own level. As a beginner, there may be moves or tricks that you will not be able to do your first class, but with practice you will grow into it!

Is there a weight limit for aerial yoga?

There is not a weight limit for aerial yoga. Our equipment is rated to support nearly 1,000 pounds! If you are concerned about attending class for any reason, give us a call or email!

Do I need to register my child for babysitting?

No, we don't take reservations for childcare. Our babysitting room is staffed with one sitter for our weekday (am and pm) classes. Most kids love the kid's room, but some children take some time to get used to it. You are welcome to sit with your child in the play room to help them get comfortable with it. You are also invited to check out the room before each class to make sure you feel the toys are in good condition and that you feel comfortable with the room as well.

How much are classes?

Classes are priced separately and in packages. You can find our prices listed here in the website under the "Pricing" tab as well as in the online store from the Mindbody app.

Can parents stay to watch children's classes?

Parents are definitely welcome to stay and observe their children during the kid's classes. Siblings should be kept out of the aerial area during class. Please be considerate of others as you are observing class. Keep in mind that photography and video may be restricted to provide privacy to other families attending classes.

Can children attend adult classes?

We don't have an age requirement for our adult programs. If you feel it is appropriate for your child to attend an adult class with you, they should be able to complete the entire class and not cause distractions during the class. If a child attending an adult class with their parent does become distracting during class, the parent will be asked to leave with their child so that everyone may still enjoy the class.